ANJA MOHN - Mixed Media Artist
"There is a dialogue between the inside and the outside; art makes us listen"

All forms, movements, color and light carry in themselves their meaning. What they are, their physical form derives from their inner being, their energy and history and, in the case of the man-made environment, the thought and intention that called them into being. The forms that surround us are permeated by inner life and our subconscious mind is the door that connects us to a different perception of the physical world and the immaterial world of time, sound and spirit. Through associative thinking – dreaming - it is open to decipher the underlying life and meaning of our surrounding world. This window of perception is the focus of my work. Long, meditative observation, re-enactment of movement and study of development process, behavior, external and internal phenomena are the means to create works of layered meaning.