ANJA MOHN - Mixed Media Artist
Baden Daily News
June 27th, 2000
[from exhibition 'Meisterschueler', Castle Bruchsal, Bruchsal, Germany, 2000, article by Michael Huebl]

"In a corner of Bruchsal Castle where perhaps once upon a time Sleeping Beauty found the spinning wheel that brought her so much grief, a living room with a nautical flair has been installed. On a TV screen there is a flickering picture of an overexposed close-up of wood grain above a photograph of the ocean taken at twilight. The exhibit is full of indications of water, seafaring and faraway places – even a fish tank with two goldfish (alive) and a telephone (dead). Anja Mohn, a graduate of the Karlsruhe Art Academy
and a trained furniture-maker who has also studied philosophy, has created a multi-layered installation with many intricate parts. Hers is one of the most convincing contributions to the exhibition that is currently on show in the monumental Baroque building.
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